Premium Mastering

We are specialist in audio mastering. Drop us a line and talk to us about your project, we will love working with you.

DSD, DXD and PCM Mastering

Analog and Digital Mastering

CD Mastering with DDP

Stem Mastering

DJ Mix Mastering

Streaming Mastering (Spotify, Youtube…)

Apple Digital Mastering (we are official provider)

Vinyl Ready Mastering

Vinyl Remastering

Mix Feedback and consulting


We have a proper room with great acoustics for do our tasks. Here you have a list of our gear and software

Monitoring and transfer: B&W 802d Diamond, Custom Apollon Monoblocks (Hypex based), Merging Technologies Anubis Premium, Crookwood DAC, Crookwood M4 mastering Console, TC Electronic  MClarity, Rega P3 with Elys2 and Ortofon DJ

Outboard: Manley Massive Passive custom, Maselec MEA2, Dangerous Music Bax eq, Foote Control Systems P3S ME

DAWs: Merging Technologies Pyramix 25th, Magix Sequoia, Avid Protools 2020, Ableton Live 10, Izotope Ozone & RX

Digital Tools: MAAT Orange EQ, Fabfilter total bundle, Acustica Audio Erin, Taupe, Diamond eq & Scarlett, Plugin Alliance complete bundle

Miscellanea: MIT shotgun S3, VOVOX, Canare starquad, Mogami and Gotham cables. Desk and racks custom made by Curuxa Custom. Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

Credits and References

Selected artists and labels


Stanislav Tolkachev, Tadeo, Svreca, German Brigante, Manuel Costela, Reggie Dokes, Developer, Gari Romalis, Javonntte Garrett, Jesus Gonsev, Alex Guerra, Digital 21 and Stefan Olsdal, Bas Mooy, P.E.A.R.L, The Transhumans, Takaaki Itoh, Uner, Dennis Cruz, Xpansul, Diego Miranda, Laureate Sky, Roi Mendez, Dodo Foie, Tucho, Nickee B, Acid Clouds, R.E.A.L, Antonio Galeano, Tailacore, M.E.M.O, Spoweck, Radio Transmission, Heather Haywood, Blume Attempt, Miclono, Mounqup, Rubén Nasville, Paracusia, Olivier Arson, Circinus, Donatien Sade, Korben Nice, Amann & the Wayward sons, Makaws, Fanon Flowers, SPIDJ, Rafa Barrios, Rafa Santos, Silk Mountain, Reykjavik 606, Divorce from New York, Colectivo Panamera, Tu Otra Bonita, The Amsterdamers, Menhai, Silk Mountain…


Sony Music, Warner Music, DirtyBird, Series, MORD, Cyclical Tracks, Another Intelligence, Mate, Subterfuge Records, Pep Music, Archaic Print, Falling Ethics, Cadencé Records, Get Physical, OAKs, BAR25, Manitox, Diynamic, Exploited, WOW!, Vivifier Music, UMS Recordings, 20/20 Vision, FFRR, Material, Shis…

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