About me

Pedro Viñuela (Audio Engineer)

My goal is to get the most big, defined and powerful sound for your music. Some clients need nothing but a corrective mastering, but others need a full transformations of the mix. In any case, I am as respectful with it as I can. I think you deserve the best sound possible, and I can get it.

Seminars and private masterclass

I usually teach audio engineering in a lof of  audio schools over Spain but I am opened to do private seminars and workshops in my own studio (Spanish or English). Drop me a line to get a quote and book a session.

Be social!

I am around music since I was a child but when I was 12 years old, I felt the call of the electronic music. I discovered Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and all the synthesizer scene of the 80s along with the hip hop. As a teenager, I played drums, piano, bass and a lot of other instruments but the real thing that’s change my life was the synths. I am a big analog and digital synth lovers. I have produced music in so many styles and electronic music genres: Spoweck , ODD OZZ, Elka, Errorlicks (IDM), Pedro Romero (Techno and Tech house), Radio Transmission (Techno and Sci-Fi) and Zesar (synth wave). As a DJ I have played all around Spain and some other countries in the EU, playing live with my modular synth too.
Apart from the music production, my other hobbies are Photography (digital and analog film) and of course, Hi Fi listening. As you can see, I am a creative person!
I like sci-fi and horror movies and novels and my sports are Skate and Surf.

Now that you know me a little bit more, let talk know about you and your music!

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